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Overcoming Grief Through Love

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Grief is a feeling that is often hard to explain. It shows up differently in everyone, this emotion can peak its head fast and unexpectedly.

You feel a rush of sadness, anger, desperation, you feel the ache in your heart while still always feeling the warmth. With all the emotions grief also brings the feelings of love and thankfulness, you know their love is still immersed in you. Instead of a warm fuzzy feeling, we are going to call grief the warm confusing feeling.

How lucky are we to have loved someone so much that we are able to feel grief and love all at once? What I encourage you to know is that feeling, that feels confusing and hard to explain is our loved one's living in us. So let me ask you, what are you going to do with that feeling?

Pick out the very characteristics and aspects you looked up to the most and continue your loved one's legacy. By doing that you are honoring them and will ensure their legacy lives on. I urge each of us next time that confusing feeling of grief hits us we honor it, then we continue to live their legacy by doing something you know they would want us to do.

One year ago today my husband surprised me with a true gift from God, Louie Love. At that moment I didn't realize the full impact Louie would have on my life or the world, but I had a special feeling that something amazing was about to happen.

We had Louie less than three months before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The impact Louie had in those few short months will have a lasting ripple effect on this world. Louie gave us a forever in his numbered days and taught us how to love and live. Louie taught me that in the midst of loss you will always find the light and healing through love.

Today marking the one-year anniversary of meeting my soul dog, I had that warm, confusing feeling rush over me. In the midst of grief, I chose the love I knew Louie would have wanted me to choose.

So instead of sitting in sadness, I chose to serve at the children's ministry, I worshiped God.

I had a meeting of the minds with the illustrator and web designer for Louie's book.

I spent hours with my family and took a nap with my animals.

I hiked the secret mountain, where I feel closest to God and Louie.

I launched Love and Live Like Louie, and have committed to being a constant vessel of love for all.

Louie's legacy will live on forever. I’m beyond excited to share Louie's story and help all big and small through the grief and healing process.

Happy Sunday, may you all always choose to Love and Live Like Louie.


Aleshia Salter


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