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The Hidden Beauty Amidst Grief

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

There are so many overwhelming feeling’s around grief.

These feeling’s are hard to explain…

Grief is a catapult of love… the unconditional deep love you can feel in your heart. The kind that floods your soul.

Grief is loneliness… knowing you can’t touch your loved one, but remembering how their touch made you feel.

Grief is hoping… that they knew how much they changed your life and that they are with you in each moment.

Grief is sudden… it comes with no warning. The feelings take over, and you are left quiet struck holding onto the memories.

Grief is anticipated… when you pass a place you both enjoyed together or when an anniversary is around the corner you are anticipating the feelings… ALL of them.

Grief is regret… regretting the questions you didn’t ask and the words you didn’t have time to say.

Grief is guilty… you feel at times you shouldn’t be enjoying life without them here.

Grief is proud… proud that you were able to be part of their life. Proud to be continuing on their legacy.

Grief is necessary… it reminds us to be present and never to take any moment for granted.

But how beautiful are these feeling’s? Knowing they impacted every part of you. The catapulting emotions lunge you into ensuring you are spreading their legacy and celebrating them with every milestone you conquer.

Thank you to my Guardian Angel’s for leaving me with your legacy of love and light. I will ensure I spread these feelings across the World.

Because we all know the world is needing love and light more than ever….

All my love,

Aleshia Salter

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